Elliott House of Studies

For the Formation of Clergy in the Tradition of Classical Anglicanism


Training for Ordained Orthodox Christian Ministry

The Elliott House is an academic and liturgical community for the formation of clergy in the theological and spiritual tradition of Anglican Christianity.

Elliott House and Prayer Book Society Conference 2017 Program

The Elliott House of Studies and the Prayer Book Society are hosting a conference on Anglicanism Catholic and Reformed: Revisiting the Reformation Legacy 1517-2017 on February 16-18, at St. John’s Church, Savannah.

In the anniversary of Luther’s 95 theses, the conference will explore how Anglicanism emerged with an identity that is both truly reformed and authentically catholic.  Further contributors include Neil Robertson, Professor of Philosophy at King’s College of Halifax; Gillis Harp, Professor of History, Grove City College PA.; Roberta Bayer, Professor at Patrick Henry College, VA; Fr. Gavin Dunbar, Prayer Book Society President; Fr. Edward Rix of Wynnswood PA and PBS Vice President; Dean William McKeachie of Fort Worth and Charleston; Canon Alistair Macdonald Radcliff, PBS Advisor.


Conference Details